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In Miracle Land (Album) 2018


1- Hate the Sound
2- Broken Heart
3- Leave Me Alone
4- Willow
5- Emerald Ivy
6- Sky Gazer
7- Waitin
8- Slide Away
9- Annie Jane
10- In Miracle Land
11- I Wanna Go Down
12- Gone Wonder

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New Song! 2016 «In Miracle Land» The Vines

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«Secret of Life» White Shadows (Album) 2014



«Secret of Life» by White Shadows (Craig Nicholls + Nick Littlemore)

Tracklist / Lista de temas:
1. Everyday
2. So it Goes
3. Slip Away
4. Hate
5. Sun
6. Winter Dreamin
7. Mystery Goddess
8. Lonely Road
9. I Belong to You
10. Give up, Give Out, Give In

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Wicked Nature (Album) 2014

wicked nature cover 1

~ September 2nd (2014)

~ 02 de Septiembre de 2014

Tracklist /Lista de temas:

[CD 1]
1.Metal zone
3.Green utopia
5.Killin the planet
6.Anything you say
7.Venus fly trap
8.Good enough
9.Out of the loop
10.Rave it
11.Wicked nature
12.Into the fire

[CD 2]
2.Love is gone
4.Slightly alien
5.Everything else
6.Fly away
7.Girl I want
9.Darkest shadow
10.Funny thing

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«Metal Zone» single (2014)

Metal Zone single

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THE VINES Singles, Demos & Covers

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The Vines – Ride

The Vines – 1969 (house demo)

301 Demos

The Vines – Get free (301 demo)

The Vines – Outtathaway! (301 demo)

The Vines – Sun child (301 demo)

Zen Demos

The Vines – Ain’t no room (zen demo)

The Vines – Autumn shade (zen demo)

The Vines – Autumn shade ii (zen demo)

The Vines – Highly Evolved (zen demo)

B-sides & Singles

The Vines – Make Believe

The Vines – Hey Now

The Vines – Don’t Go

The Vines – Lawman Take a Sunday

The Vines – Watch the world

The Vines – Down at the Club

The Vines – So fresh, so clean

The Vines – give up give out give in

The Vines – Vacant Video

The Vines – Hot leather

The Vines – Blues riff


The Vines – Clint Eastwood (cover)

The Vines – I bet you look good on the dance floor (cover)

The Vines – Ms. Jackson

The Vines – 4ever


The V...

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The Vines «4ever» (No man’s woman) 2007

~ No Man’s Woman is a tribute album to female musicians that consists of Australian male musicians performing various cover versions to recognise the contributions that female musicians have made to the international music industry. The compilation album was released in Australia on 20 October 2007.

~ No Man’s woman es un álbum tributo a las mujeres en la música que consiste en bandas Australianas integradas por hombres interpretado versiones de conocidas canciones compuestas por mujeres. El álbum salio a la venta en Australia el 20 de Octubre de 2007.

Tracklist / Lista de temas:

Disc one / Disco uno:

  1. Angus Stone – «River» (Joni Mitchell)
  2. Powderfinger – «Glory Box» (Portishead)
  3. The Vines – «4ever» (The Veronicas)
  4. Expatriate – «Missing» (Everything but the Girl)
  5. Lior – «Landslide» (Fleetwood Mac)
  6. Bob Evans – «Car Wheels on a Gravel Road» (Lucinda Williams)
  7. End Of Fashion – «Hanging on the Telephone» (Blondie)
  8. Da...
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She is the sun (Single – Collaboration) 2012

~ «She is the Sun» feat. Craig Nicholls, is a song from the Appleonia’s record «Despite the Gods»

~ «She is the Sun» feat. Craig Nicholls, es una canción del nuevo disco de Appleonia llamado «Despite the Gods»

Tracklist / Lista de temas:

1. «She is the sun» 3:34

Credits / Créditos:
Song by Jessica Chapnik & Nadav Kahn
Cancion por Jessica Chapnik y Nadav Kahn

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Future Primitive (album) 2011

The_Vines_Future_Primitive~ released on 3 June 2011.

~ lanzado el 20 de junio de 2011. 

Tracklist / Lista de temas:

1.»Gimme Love»  1:52
2.»Leave Me In the Dark»  1:59
3.»Candy Flippin’ Girl»  2:32
4.»A.S.4″  3:20
5.»Weird Animals»  2:01
6.»Cry»  2:36
7.»Future Primitive»  1:54
8.»Riverview Avenue»  2:03
9.»Black Dragon»  3:29
10.»All That You Do»  3:33
11.»Outro»  3:47
12.»Goodbye»  2:14
13.»S.T.W.»  2:19

Credits / Créditos:
All songs by Craig Nicholls
Todas las canciones por Craig Nicholls

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Melodia (album) 2008


~ 12 July 2008, and through retailerInsound, in the United States on 22 July 2008.

~ 12 de julio de 2008 en Australia, donde alcanzó el número 12 en las listas de éxitos de ese país.

Tracklist / Lista de temas:

1.»Get Out»  2:10
2.»Manger»  2:02
3.»A.S. III»  1:53
4.»He’s a Rocker»  1:57
5.»Orange Amber»  2:01
6.»Jamola»  0:59
7.»True as the Night»  6:07
8.»Braindead»  2:26
9.»Kara Jayne»  2:07
10.»MerryGoRound»  2:12
11.»Hey»  1:33
12.»A Girl I Knew»  2:19
13.»Scream»  2:00
14.»She Is Gone»  2:52

Credits / Créditos:
All song by Craig Nicholls
Todos los temas por Craig Nicholls

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