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Vision Valley (album) 2006


~  1 April 2006 through EMI Records.

~ 1º de abril de 2006 enAustralia y el 3 de abril mundialmente, excepto en los Estados Unidos, donde se presentó el 4.

Tracklist / Lista de temas:

1.»Anysound»  1:55
2.»Nothin’s Comin'»  2:00
3.»Candy Daze»  1:40
4.»Vision Valley»  2:42
5.»Don’t Listen to the Radio»  2:10
6.»Gross Out»  1:18
7.»Take Me Back»  2:42
8.»Going Gone»  2:44
9.»Fuk Yeh»  1:58
10.»Futuretarded»  1:47
11.»Dope Train»  2:36
12.»Atmos»  1:50
13.»Spaceship»  6:07

Credits / Créditos:
All songs by Craig Nicholls
Todas las canciones por Craig Nicholls

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Winning days (album) 2004

winning days cover

~  23 March 2004.

~ 23 de marzo de 2004. 


Tracklisting / Lista de temas:

1. «Ride» 2:36
2. «Animal Machine» 3:28
3. «TV Pro» 3:45
4. «Autumn Shade II» 3:14
5. Evil Town 3:06
6. Winning Days 3:33
7. She’s got something to say to me» 2:32
8. «Rainfall» 3:21
9. «Amnesia» 4:39
10. «Sunchild» 4:33
11. F.T.W 3:41

Credits / Créditos:
~ All songs by Craig Nicholls except «She’s got something to say to me» by Craig Nicholls & Patrick Matthews.
~ Todas las canciones por Craig Nicholls, excepto «She’s got something to say to me» por Craig Nicholls y Patrick Matthews

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Highly Evolved (album) 2002

highly evolved

~ Highly Evolved is the debut studio album by Australianalternative rock band The Vines. It was released on 14 July 2002 on Capitol Records. Produced by Rob Schnapf,Highly Evolved was an immensely popular debut, part of a trend towards garage rock revival bands known as much for the relentless hype from the UK music press as for their music; The Vines were frequently compared to Nirvana. The debut single, «Highly Evolved», was chosen as Single of the Week by influential British music magazine NME. The magazine also voted it the 2nd best album of the year in 2002. The album was also included in the book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die. In October 2010, it was listed in the book 100 Best Australian Albums.

Highly Evolved es el primer álbum de la banda australiana de garage rock The Vines, lanzado en julio de 2002. Producido por Rob Schnapf, Highly Evolved tuvo un debut inmensamente popular...

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