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Winning Days cover by Roundheads

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Splinter – Get Free (The Vines Cover)

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Get Free – The Vines cover by Antartick

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Ride – The Vines / Cover Drums :)

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Old diper – Don’t listen to the radio (Cover)

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True as the Night Cover

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Gimme Love Cover by DowserGratt!

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Super cool Get free Cover!

Check these guys and the little kid! / ¡Miren a éstos chicos y el niño!

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“Give up, Give out, Give in” Fan Cover

Check out this cool acoustic cover! / ¡Vean éste genial cover acústico! (by Sully Santanna)

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THE VINES Singles, Demos & Covers

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The Vines – Ride

The Vines – 1969 (house demo)

301 Demos

The Vines – Get free (301 demo)

The Vines – Outtathaway! (301 demo)

The Vines – Sun child (301 demo)

Zen Demos

The Vines – Ain’t no room (zen demo)

The Vines – Autumn shade (zen demo)

The Vines – Autumn shade ii (zen demo)

The Vines – Highly Evolved (zen demo)

B-sides & Singles

The Vines – Make Believe

The Vines – Hey Now

The Vines – Don’t Go

The Vines – Lawman Take a Sunday

The Vines – Watch the world

The Vines – Down at the Club

The Vines – So fresh, so clean

The Vines – give up give out give in

The Vines – Vacant Video

The Vines – Hot leather

The Vines – Blues riff


The Vines – Clint Eastwood (cover)

The Vines – I bet you look good on the dance floor (cover)

The Vines – Ms. Jackson

The Vines – 4ever


The V...

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